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Welcome to Room 7! Grade 1, Ridge Road Elementary School.

Posted by on August 27, 2011

Welcome to our class site! Here you will find: our class calendar, our class schedule, photos of what we are doing in our first grade class and class updates.



7 Responses to Welcome to Room 7! Grade 1, Ridge Road Elementary School.

  1. Mark Ramos

    Congratulations on attaining your Masters’ Degree.

  2. Kelly McGuinness

    Children of the world! Be ready to have your life impacted forever by this amazing wonderful teacher! Coe, congratulations on you accomplishments. I am immensely proud of you and am certain that your contribution to the lives of your students will be meaningful and life altering!!

  3. Susan Margolis

    I am so proud of you – I know that you will be the change the world of education needs!

  4. Helen

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  5. Betty Ann LaPenna

    I love your website. I especially loved reading all about you and my favorite part was about Gibbs, Special Agent Gibbs that is. Your story is very inspiring. Thank you for being my teaching partner!
    Your friend,
    Betty Ann

  6. ridge road pta

    Welcome to Ridge Road! We are glad to have you! Love your website!!!!!
    Let us know if you need anything – happy to help…….
    Ridge Road PTA

  7. Judy Falaro

    So proud of you, Coe!!! All of us in the Ridge Rd School community are so fortunate to have you in our school especially in such a key grade!
    Keep those creative ideas flowing, you are making a difference that you can’t even imagine!

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